Solar PV

Robust and reliable Solar PV solutions for Grid-tied and Off-Grid applications. With the latest in Solar and Battery technology, our purpose-built solutions are designed to create long-term cost-savings and sustainable energy capacity.

Purpose-Built Systems

Create capacity, opportunity and long-term financial gains with Solar PV. At Blue Sun Energy, we listen to your needs. We make it our business to understand your energy requirements to provide quality, customised Solar PV solutions.

Generate energy efficiency and long-term savings with Grid-Tie Solar PV. Achieve energy independence with our innovative Off-Grid Lithium battery solutions.  These modular systems can expand and develop as your needs change.

Purpose-Built Systems

Designed to Perform

Our systems are designed to perform.With Annual Returns from 15% to 25%, Solar PV is great low risk investment with guaranteed returns. Grid-Tie systems offer a 3 to 5 Year Payback period, and 7 to 9 Years for Off-Grid systems. Commercial customers will also benefit from significant Income Tax incentives.

Our commitment to quality products and sustainable engineering will ensure the long-term performance of your investment.


Designed To Perform

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