Lithium Loadshedding Solutions

Compact, Innovative and Robust lithium battery solutions for reliable, long-term loadshedding protection.

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Tired of Loadshedding?

Blue Sun Energy's range of Solar & Energy Storage solutions are designed for robust and long-term loadshedding protection.

Keep your home and office running with our modular battery backup systems. Available in Single and Three-Phase, all systems are configured and assembled off-site for a quick and simple installation by our qualified electricians.

Tired Of Loadshedding?

Sizing your Backup System

Battery backup power is for essential loads. When deciding on a lithium battery solution, you will need to:

  1. Make a list of the essential loads you want to backup (Wifi, Fridges, alarms, gate motors etc)
  2. Note the power rating of each appliance (e.g. 10W, 100W, 500W)
  3. Add the power ratings to get your total power required
  4. Choose an inverter to match the requirements
  5. Size your lithium battery for the required run-time

We guide you through the system selection and design and propose the best-fit solution.

Sizing Your Backup System

Kodak Loadshedding Packages

Our range of Loadshedding packages are ideal for Medium to Large homes. Equipped with everything you need for a smooth, simple, turn-key installation. All loadshedding packages include:

  • 5kVA Kodak Off-Grid King Inverters
  • 10.2kWh Revov Lithium Batteries
  • Black Steel Battery Cabinet
  • Pre-built Sub-Distribution Board
  • Cables, Fuses & Parts

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Kodak Loadshedding Packages

Features & Benefits

  • Single & Three Phase
  • Assembled, Configured & Tested Off-Site
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Enclosed in lockable, black steel cabinet
  • Built-In Server Fans to maintain ambient temperature
  • UPS Functionality
  • Automatic Transfer (0ms Changeover)
  • 10 Year Battery Warranty


Features & Benefits

Why choose Lithium?

Lithium batteries offer far superior performance to traditional lead-acid and gel batteries, including:

  • Longer Life Span (3000+ cycles)
  • More Usable Capacity
  • Stronger Temperature Resilience
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • Fast & Simple Charging
  • No Voltage Drops
  • Consistent Output Current


Why Choose Lithium?

Upgrade to Lithium

Do you need to replace your old batteries? We also assist our customers with upgrading old battery systems to Lithium.

AGM and Lead-Acid batteries typically only have an active service life of 3 to 5 years, after which they will need to be replaced.

We will recycle and replace and your old batteries with Lithium. Using your existing inverter, our upgrades will give you another 10 years of energy security.

Upgrade To Lithium
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