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Green Building Consulting

We are not just another energy solutions company!

With our range of products and customised services, we can tailor-make a range of solutions to create energy efficiency and low carbon emissions for your commercial, industrial or residential projects.



  • Solar Grid-Tie and Hybrid Ups Systems


  • Heat Pumps

  • Solar Hot Water Systems

Building a green home has many dimensions to it.  Two Key Aspects are:  

- what the building is made of (sustainable products), and

- the carbon cost of running the building (overheads)

Blue Sun Energy specializes in reducing the electricity overhead by installing renewable energy power solutions.

This includes Grid Tie PV systems, Solar Hot Water & Heat Pump solutions, as well as Hybrid UPS systems.

Accurate Metering of power utilization is a key component of greener building. 


For a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house, a 5KW system which comprises of 21 PV panels, a roof mounting system and inverter, will produce around 8900KWH per year.

1 x SunnyBoy 5000TL
21 x 250W PV Panels


Heat Pumps
Heat Pumps use the air around you to heat hot water, they are well suited to houses that have variable occupancy and require additional capacity from time to time.  They allow water to be heated quickly with lower energy costs, on demand. (the electricity output ratio is 0.25).  They have the advantage of the minimal use of space and low installation costs

By replacing conventional domestic hot water heating elements in geysers, boilers and electric water heaters, Heat Pumps provide you with higher energy efficiency and savings on your monthly electricity bills.
A Mid-range example is a 7KW Heat Pump system which can be configured with 2 x 216 litre Xstream insulated geysers, will supply 3 bathrooms and a kitchen.

Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar Geysers are well insulated to maintain stored water temperatures. Water is heated through a manifold that does not enter the evacuated tubes. They are designed to utilize the sun to heat water. However, at times of high hot water demand in the home, the geyser will switch on the element utilizing electricity.

1 x Solar Geyser 216 Litre Non Ferrous
1 x Enerflow 7KW Heat Pump



  • Project Assessment

    Evaluation of Design Criteria

    Determination of Green Building Focus & Goals

    Assessment of Energy Saving Technology

  • Developing a Project Plan

    Meeting with Technicians to Discuss Proposals

    Providing Written Reports for Design Integration of Products

    Creating a Design Scheme for the Components

    Presentation of Drawings 

    Providing an Energy Cost Savings Analysis and ROI of Systems vs Standard Products

    Quotations on Components & Bills of Materials

  • Review of Processes and Implementation of Project

    Tender Action

    Determining Installation Timeline

    Management & Coordination of Installation Team on site

    Provision of Progress Report to Completion

In line with your architectural design procedures, our services will assist with the integration of Green Building technology and processes into the project. The focus will be based on the desire to create energy efficiencies both active and passive in the building's structure. Using our project experience, access to new products, and reference library, we can add value to creating the goal of implementing Green Building Design without compromising on aesthetics.