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We are not just another energy solutions company!

With increasing shortfall of electricity available for new developments from Eskom, we design power solutions that can meet the power needs of your project.

Our hybrid systems encompassing Photovoltaic Electricity Supply and Solar Hot Water/Heat Pump provide a balanced package to manage the project's power needs.

With the use of web-based metering, we strive to improve the performance of Green Building Initiatives.



  • Reduce the Running Cost of Diesel & Electricity in a Dynamic Manufacturing Environment. 

  • Ability to synchronise with either the generator or the Power authority.

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance via integrated web interface and Sunny Portal

The SMA Cluster Controller is a new development from SMA which enables better control and management of hybrid power solutions. It is the ideal system solution for large-scale decentralized PV plants when combined with SMA’s highly efficient string inverters.

The Cluster Controller creates an interactive system with the power demands of the load. This reduces the load on the Generator therby saving fuel.

The controller will measure the load on the system and will regulate multiple inverters to maintain this minimum load.  All generators require a minimum load to avoid damage (10%- 15%)

This system can be expanded, allowing you to link as little as 25 KW and as much as 1.5MW to one generator For best use, each generator should be linked to an individual solar system. The Architecture and control elements stay the same throughout the entire solution.

The Cluster Controller offers reliable monitoring and control of up to 75 inverters, thanks to its Ethernet-based Speedwire fieldbus and high-performance, dual-core processor. Advantages of the SMA Cluster Controller include optimum data transmission rates for plant monitoring and fast processing of the measured values, status updates, and plant control commands. Furthermore, myriad sensor connection options allow for precise evaluation of plant power, which also can be viewed via the Sunny Portal.

Easy-to- use
- Easy installation due to top-hat rail mounting and connectors
- Exchanges real-time data with other devices and systems using Modbus® communications

- Complies with national and international requirements for grid integrationIntegrated analog and digital interfaces for sensors and active/reactive power setpoints

Professional Grade
- Optimized for industrial use, due to a robust design
- Monitors and controls up to 75 string inverters

Investment Security
- Immediate email notification in the event of an incident or yield relevant event.
- Remote monitoring and maintenance over the integrated online interface and Sunny Portal. The Sunny Portal offers comprehensive plant management, which provides even more functions for plant and yield monitoring such as processing measured values, performance analysis, presentation, reporting and mobile data access.