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Case Studies

Our team of engineers and technicians have installed a range of Renewable Energy Solutions across Southern Africa. Central to our strategy is to showcase projects which use quality products and materials that are in line with the latest technology available.

Responding to various needs in the market, we demonstrate some of our installations over the past years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and ensure that our experience will benefit our present and future customers.

Case Study


  • Description: 4 x 25KW SMA Tri-Power Inverters
                     330 x 305W Pv Panels
                     1 x SMA Energy Meter
                     1 x SMA Cluster Controller

    Installation Type: Roof Mounted Panels

  • Installation Time: 10 Days

  • Installation Completion: November 2016

Location: Caledon, Overberg Region


Case Study


  • Installation Type: 5KW Battery Backup

  • Installation Time: One Day

  • Location: Hermanus, Cape Town
    Complete: 21st July 2016

Description: 1 x 5KW Victron Multiplus Inverter
                 8 x 260ah SonX Deep Cycle Batteries

Case Study


  • Description: 1 x STP SMA 8000TL Inverter 

    32 x Renesola PV Panels

  • Installation Type: Roof Mount

  • Installation Time: Three Days

Location: Blouberg
Complete: 27 May 2016

Case Study


  • Description: 1 x SMA Sunny Boy Inverter

    13 x Renesola PV Panels

  • Installation Type: Roof Mount

  • Installation Time: Three Days
    Complete: June 2015

Location: Sandton, Jhb

Case Study

Commercial Back-up System

  • Location: Khayelitsha

  • Description of System: 
    3 x 6KW Sunny Island Inverters
    48 x 2V MIL15 Batteries 

  • Installation Type: Battery Back-up System
    Installation time: One Week 

Comments: The Commercial Back-up System is for a school with an exisitng 17KW PV System.

Case Study


  • Location: Cape Town city bowl

  • Description of System:
    1x 5000W Victron Multiplus Inverter
    12 x 250W Antaris Photovoltaic Panels
    8 x 12V 180AH Deep Cycle AGM Monbatt Batteries
    1x Victron BMV 700 Battery Monitor
    1 x 75A Charge Regulator
    1 x Battery Stand 

  • Installation Type: 3KW Photovolatiac System with 5KW Battery Backup
    Installation Time: Two Days
    Complete: July 2015


Case Study


  • Location: Farm, Nieuwoudtville 

  • Description of system:
    4 x 25KW SMA Inverters
    400 x Renesola Photovoltaic Panels
    Expected annual production 180MWH 

  • Installation Type: Ground Mount
    Installation Time: Two weeks to install 


Case Study


  • Location: Robertson

  • Description of System:
    2 x 7KW Sunnyboy Inverters
    90 x 240W Qixin Photovoltaic Panels
    Electrical Boxes:
    Supplied and Installed 1 x DC fuse box and 
                                 1 x AC DB Board 

  • Installation Type: 21.6KW Photovoltaic System
    Installation Time: Four days 


Case Study


  • Location: Lutzville

  • Description Of System: 
    4 x 25KW SMA Inverters
    400 x Renesola Photovoltaic Panels 

  • Installation Type: 100KW Corregated Roof Mount set on frame.
    Installation Time: One Week


Case Study


  • Location: Gosforth Business Park
    Buildings: 3 DC Warehouse Buildings of 8000-20000sqm with 1000-3000sqm of offices in each.

  • Description of the systems: 
    Total Installed capacity:- 90KWP 
    3 X 15KW and 1 X45KW Grid-Tie PV Systems
    380 X 240W Photovoltaic Panels
    6 X SMA Sunny Tri-Power Inverters 15000 

    Sunny Web Box for each array to provide comms for Sunny Portal On-line Performance Monitoring 

  • Installation Type: Grid-Tie Photovoltaic System

Comments: Due to the phased completion of the various warehouses in the building precinct, the installation of the PV Arrays took two years to complete.    

Case Study

Industrial Grid Tie

  • Location: Longmeadow Industrial Park, Johannesburg

    Building 8000M/@ Warehouse 2000m/2 Offices

    Customer Requirement: To Provide a Matered PV Electricity Supply to the current tennant. To provide a portion of the power needs of the Office component

  • Description of the System:
    15KW - 65 x 230W PV Panels (Grid Tie Designed with High Voltage)
    1X SMA Sunny Tripower 15000 (3 Phase Grid Tie Interver consisitent with EU specifications)
    1 X Sunny Web Box (For online performance monitoring)

  • Performance and Design Parameters:
    Roof Area coverage 130 SQM
    Type of Roof: Kalzip Brownbuilt sheeting
    Annual Power Production 26000 KW
    Carbon Emissions Savings 28000 KGS

Comments: The project was part of a new development. Despite being faced with delays in the construction process, we were able to utilize some of the construction infrastructure which made our installation time much quicker than expected.


Case Study


  • Location: Benoni Industrial Park off N12
    Building: 1000 m/2 Warehouse and Office mix with consistent load from roof-mounted Chiller HVAC system.
    Customer Requirement: Massive fluctuations in summer and winter tariffs combined with consistent base load of 30KVA.  Landlord strategy to reduce KWH and KVA electricity base load on the building and improve control of collections from electricity invoiced.

  • Description of the System:
    17.2KW System
    72 X 240W PV Panels
    1 X SMA STP15000EEL
    1 X Sunny Web Box (Online monitoring)
    1 X Elster 1140 meter (independent usage reading)

  • Performance and Design Parameters:
    Roof Type: Corrugate, base aluminium framing system, connected to purlin bolts to ensure waterproofing, PV framing attached.
    Roof Coverage: 140 SQM
    Annual Power Production: 30.5MWH

Comments: PV system installed successfully in 3 days.  Independent Eslter meter has proved effective in creating a secure, secondary performance monitor.  Concerns for load shedding outages on the grid and on cellular network outages provided challenges to consistent monitoring.  Tenant was completely unaffected by installation and has been invoiced for all power produced to date.

Case Study

Industrial Solar Hot Water Project

  • Location: Brackenfell, Cape Town                Building: Warehouse
    Customer Requirements:

  • Description of the System:
    40 X 24 Tube Solar Collectors (Evacuated Tube) were positioned on a flat roof

    1 x 500W Stainless Steel Pump

    1 x 50mm HP Stainless Steel Pump 60 Degress Celcius

    All piping was insulated to avoid heat losses & improve efficiencies. 

  • A non-roof penetrating framing system was used for the Solar collectors (using Close Cell Expansion Foam)
    The system was designed to produce a constant water temperature of 55 degrees.

Case Study

Commercial Grid Tie

  • Location: Longmeadow Industrial Park, Johannesburg

    Building: 2000 m/2 Offices and 1000 m/2 Warehouses

    Customer Requirement: To install a PV array as an Energy Intervention measure creating metered electricty savings for the building.

  • Description of the System:


    216 x 235W PV Panels (Grid-Tie Designed with High Voltage)

    3 x SMA Sunny Tripower 17000

    1 x Sunny Web Box (For online performance monitoring)

  • Performance and Design Parameters:

    Roof Coverage area - 400 SQM

    Type of Roof: Kalzip Brownbuilt sheeting

    Annual Power Production: 92000 KW

    Carbon Emmissions Savings: 117000 KGS

Comments: The project was part of the company's Energy Efficiency Program to install Grid-Tie PV Arrays on a number of its commercial and industrial buildings.  The focus was to have a verifiable reduction in the building's electricity consumption.  This was demonstrated by providing screen snapshots of the PV Production in the reception area with the intent of setting a benchmark trend with their building management portfolio.

Case Study


  • Location: Bedfordview, Johannesburg
    Building: Apartment Block, 209 Units, 9 Floors, 1000 Residents
    Customer Requirements: The Body Corporate was looking to radically reduce its Hot Water Power consumption from the centralised element heater boiler.  They were concerned about the impact of the Solar Collectors on the roof and insisted on a non-penetrating framing system.

  • Description of the System:
    50 X 24 Tube Solar Collectors (Evacuated Tube) were positioned on a flat roof with 10 X 11 KW Heat Pump Systems. 
    Water was conduited through the building from a Centralised 32 KiloLitre Boiler System in the basement. 
    All piping was insulated to avoid heat losses & improve efficiencies. 

  • A non-roof penetrating framing system was used for the Solar collectors (using Close Cell Expansion Foam)
    The system was designed to produce a constant water temperature of 55 degrees.

The body Corporate had limited finance for the project, so they entered into a partnership for the project.  A portion of monthly revenue derived from the supply of hot water would be directed to the installers.

Case Study


  • Location: Table View, Cape Town

  • Description of System: 
    1 x 5000W Victron MultiPlus Inverter
    1 x Victron 70A Charge Regulator
    12 x 250W Antaris PV Panels
    8 x 12V 180AH VLRA Monbat Batteries
    1 x BMV 700 Battery Monitor 

  • Installation Type: 5KW Hybrid PV UPS System
    Installation Time: Two Days 


Case Study


  • Location: Kenilworth, Cape Town
    Building: 4 Bedroom Victorian House
    Customer Requirements: To reduce electricity bill by means of Grid Tie

  • Description of the System:
    Inverter: 2.5 KW SMA Sunny Boy inverter
    PV Panels: 12 x SolarWorld Sun Module 200 Watts
    Installation Type: North-facing roof mounted
    Total Installation Time: 2 days

  • Production Parameters:
    Surface area of PV Generation 20.4 m2
    Max current of PV Generation 7.1 amps
    Annual Energy Yield 4006 KwH
    Annual Savings in 2011 R5980
    Monthly Savings R500

Comments: North-facing roof was well positioned for maximum solar energy yield. Client reported radical reduction in electricity bill, as his hourly yields usually were equal to or less than his solar production during the day. His peak loads were further reduced by his solar hot water system, geyser timers, and metering devices.
Challenges: Requirement to place the inverter close to the distribution board. This was overcome with careful design of DC cable conduiting through roof and ceiling structure.

Case Study

Ground-Mount Residential PV Grid-Tie System

  • Location: Vereeniging, Gauteng
    Building: Freestanding House and guesthouse
    Customer Requirements: To reduce power load and lower electricity costs

  • Description of system: 31KW Ground Mount PV System
    Inverters: 2 x 17KW SMA Tripower inverters
    PV Panels:132 x 235W Renesola Panels with Solar Frame and Lightning protector

  • Installation Type: Ground mounted panels
    Total Installation Time:1 week

Client had underfloor heating installed in guesthouses on the property which used a substantial amount of electricity. He installed the PV Panels to substitute the load requirement and generate savings for the property.
As the roof was an unusual shape and the propery grounds were large, it was decided that a ground-mounted system would suit the client best.

Case Study

Remote Off-Grid and Grid-Tie

  • Location: Northern Namibia

    Building: Farm and Guesthouses

    Customer Requirements: To provide Grid Tie connection to local authority and Off Grid capacity where generators are being used.

  • Description of the Systems:Multiple Systems with Grid Tie and Off-Grid PV Designs, as well as Solar Hot Water.
    Inverters: SMA 3000, 7000 HF and Victron 5KW Multiplus
    PV Panels:Thinfilm

    Batteries: Sonix 260A/H Deep Cycle Gel Acid
    Installation Type: Pitched roof
    Total Installation Time: 4 weeks

  • Production Parameters:
    Max current of PV Generation: 140KW

Comments:Installation was during December, so the team had to work early morning and late afternoon.

Requirement to offer support for the correct wiring of meters with local supply authority for accurate Grid-Tie metering after installation.

Case Study

Off Grid Residential

  • Location: Cederberg, Western Cape
    Building: Freestanding House
    Customer Requirements: System to supply power for lighting, small appliances and hot water

  • Description of system:
    Inverters: Victron 5KW Multiplus
    PV Panels: 8 x 240W Renesola panels
    Batteries: Sonix 260A/H Deep Cycle Gel Acid
    Generator:5KW Generator Honda
    Charge Controller: Victron 70amp

  • Installation Type: Flat roof
    Total Installation Time: 3 days

A Green building requirement was for the panels not to be visible from the surrounds.
Specialised framing system designed.
LED Lights and double walling to maintain internal ambient temperatures.
Cool air from the heat pump was used to cool the batteries.
Bi-directional inverter supplies power to the batteries from PV panels during the day and, if required, extra or top-up power to batteries supplied by inverter at night.